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Pop in your eyes design

Welcome to my crib!

During your visit you will find pop-in-your-eyes art and designs. I am a creative designer based in Toronto. My quarters are a state of the art studios where I produce and deliver great results.

My skills cover graphic design, video editing, audio and video production, broadcast and visual arts. In this website you will find my services as a creative designer plus my artworks and prints for sale.

Please feel free to ask me anything, I am always enthusiast to embark in new projects and come up with original solutions. My past and existing clients include fashion, tech art and common folks that look to kickstart or boost their profile media.

Yours truly!

Originals 2K18

The latest collection 2K18 “The Pop Side of The Force” is out now.

This series features pop themes such as piñatas, typography, and futuristic abstractions.

In addition to this a one-of-a-kind pop remix sculpture has been added to the collection.



Prints From The Original Artworks by Lord Mexa.

Sleek and Premium Finishes.

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character defines us and more than often our brands and profiles


One Of A Kind. The Original Artworks by Lord Mexa. Signed.

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aneon approach

I usually think of vibrant colours and a witty story telling to develop concepts for my clients. This enables me to produce unconventional material that sends inviting notes to your clients and fan base. It is almost like synesthesia where I hear the colours of your vision and see the sounds of your clients asking for more.



It all started when…

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